wm Challenge anyone?

The Devil’s Advocate of wm Bloggers, One Jack Short of Quads and myself, the official beer purveyor of the DADI tournaments are throwing down gauntlet, if you will. Next Thursday night, June 29th, during the DADI 7 tournament on PokerStars, the three of us will be taking on all comers in the form of a “Last Longer Team Bet.”
Load up your teams with whomever you like, this will be open to as many teams as would like a shot at our money. The wagers for this bet will be from $1 per man to as much as $10 per man, payable following the competition via Neteller or any of the poker sites where we have the ability to transfer funds.
This is our way of offering up a little something while still giving ourselves the opportunity to make a little scratch. If you think you can outlast the three of us, I have three words for you, Bring It On! See Jordan’s post today for the last longer particulars.
Please note that the password for DADI 7, pokertrust, is case sensitive. All lower case letters, please. Sign up early and get your team and amounts to either Trip, Jordan or myself, via our comments or the ments on the DADI web-site.
The blackjack continues to run hot and I am seriously considering the casino whore trip as laid out on Scurvy’s site. Thanks to Drewspop and Klopzi for the heads-up, I will definitely give it a look-see. It is a bit of work grinding away one dollar at a time, but in order to protect the bankroll that I have, that is the only way I see to do it at the present. So far this week I’ve run up more than $150 almost solely at the blackjack tables.
Last night started out very cold, but I went on a heater near the end that saw me turn $10 in to $50 in a span of probably 25 hands. I upped my min. bets in there somewhere, but was catching phenomenal cards the entire run. If the dealer showed 6 or less, he busted every.single.time for what seemed like 30 or 40 hands.
I plan to also get back to devoting my time to the SNG grind as well. I have played 8 SNG’s this week in preparation for the Hoyazo, WWdN and Mookie and cashed in 7 of the 8 tournaments. Four 1st place finishes and three 2nd place finishes paid all the entry fees to the tournaments that I bombed out of before the money spots. Nice work, dumbass.
Gonna have to cut it short today due to work continually kicking me in the junk. First, our computers went down for nearly two hours, forcing everything to be handwritten and now they come back up with oh, one hour left in the day to play catch up. See you tonight on the felt.

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