Why do you play 먹튀폴리스?

A simple question, and one that most people answer easily. I do it for money. If I could make a million dollars next playing chess or basketball or Old Maid, I wouldn’t play 먹튀폴리 anymore. If you play the game, you should be playing it for money as well. It’s our version of points, it’s how we keep score, and it buys nice cars, houses, and vacations.

So why do I bring this up? Well when Ryan approached me about writing for the site I asked him if he had suggestions for the first big article, and he replied with “Tell people how to make money, that’s why we hired you.” He has a point. I’m not ranked anywhere, I haven’t made any televised final tables, hell most people have never heard of me.

But I haven’t had a job other than poker in six years. I have traveled to 19 countries and I just bought a new Mustang GT and I paid cash for it. I have never gone broke or needed to borrow money in that time, and I started with almost no bankroll at all. I’m not in this for the glory, I’m in it for the money, and I seem to have that side of things figured out.

There is as much great poker strategy on this site as you could ever need if you are willing to take the time to read the articles, watch the videos, and ask questions on the forums, and that strategy will definitely make you money. But I know other ways of making money, ways that most players ignore or have never heard of, and I’m going to start sharing. The knowledge that is, I don’t share money very well.

The first thing most players are missing is rake back (click here for the best rakeback programs). Many people have heard the term, but don’t know what it is or how much it’s worth to them. Rake back programs paid me almost $20,000 last year and I don’t even play that much. I know pros that made twice that in rake back, and you don’t need to play the sky high limits to do it.

Let’s look at an example, taken directly from one of my students, who we will call Ray. When Ray started taking lessons with me he was losing a few hundred dollars a month on PokerStars and wanted to become a winning player. He was playing $1-$2 no-limit, usually two tables, about two hours a day. A pretty light schedule, but he’s not a pro and has no aspirations of being one, he just wanted to stop losing money.

The first half hour of our lesson was spent getting him signed up for rake back at Cake Poker where the games are weaker than Stars and he could get 33% rake back. At the level he was playing, and the table hours he was putting in, he stood to make $250 a month just in rake back. That makes Ray a winning player instantly. Damn I am a fine teacher!

The weaker games also helped Ray make more money, and between the two lessons he took from me, playing at a site with weaker opponents, and a little study on his own, Ray is now a winning player making $500 a month with the hobby that used to cost him money.

The moral of the story is that there is free money out there, and grabbing hold of it is important. Without it Ray wouldn’t be taking a vacation this year with his wife and kids, who now think he’s the greatest poker player ever because his play for the year has paid for their trip to

Italy. Have fun Ray!There are also first time deposit bonuses, player loyalty programs, freerolls, and a myriad of other ways to make some extra cash, but rake back is really the way to go these days, and once you sign up there’s no more to do except to get paid. Try the rake back programs here at RPT and you may be surprised at how much cash you make. And take advantage of the Real Poker Tour as well, there’s a nice chunk of extra money in some of those tournaments.

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