What’s Your Cbetcasino Poker Lifestyle?



It’s interesting that half the poker podcasts I’ve listened to recently on my iPod Nano talked about either lingerie shows at night clubs or about sports. On the other hand, if a poker blog is about poker players and the lifestyle, I suppose there are other aspects that can be discussed, without annoying existing readers. Which is what I’m planning to do. (That is, annoying both existing and future readers.)


Some of the topics I’m working on is:


(1) Other poker games (yeah I’ll expand beyond Texas Holdem eventually), especially poker variations.

(2) Backgammon, which is a great gambling game that requires immense skill and some luck, and is a fave of many pro poker players.

(3) Gambling in general and the odds of winning in various games (roulette, slots).

(4) Movies/ TV shows, celebrities – provided there’s some connection to poker, gambling, or general gaming.

I’m also working on the standard interviews with poker blogs and, maybe in the future, poker pros; book reviews; snippets of what other gaming sites are talking about; poker + gaming gear, including gadgets, chips, tables, cards; a few card tricks; and whatever other topics that are tenuously-linked (to poker, gaming, or gambling) that my fevered brain can think of.


Poker Update: Gold Wins The Green: WSOP Cbetcasino Championship


Yes, the $12 million top prize of the 2006 37th WSOP Championship went to Jamie Gold, a Hollywood talent agent. He and most of the thousands of people who entered got their $10,000 entry fee from playing online poker, so they’re obviously against the pending legislation making Internet poker illegal.


Gold’s father suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, so he plans to use his winnings to make his family “comfortable”. He has plans to return to Hollywood, and to develop a new TV show about poker through his Buzz Nation company.


The top 12 winners of the WSOP tournament all won at least $1M, with Gold winning $12 million. According to the 2006 WSOP payout structure document (PDF, 22 pages), the second prize was over $6M, and the smallest thirty or forty prizes was $14,597 each. The total prize payout was over $82.5M. In fact, so much money was paid out that there were 63 prizes that were six-figures or higher.




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