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Here is how USA Today reported the Day 1B of the Sihoki Slot Main Event.

LAS VEGAS — Phil Hellmuth made his traditional grand entrance into the main event — late, of course, and with lots of fanfare. Not long after sitting down, though, the 10-time winner at the World Series of Poker was on his way out.

“Horrendous, horrendous luck,”

Hellmuth said Saturday after stunningly being knocked out of the world’s richest poker tournament in only six hours.

“I’m still half in shock.”

Also out of the running for the estimated $11 million grand prize: longtime poker great Doyle Brunson, who lasted about five hours longer than Hellmuth, but lost when he went all-in on a pair of nines and got beaten by three 10s.

“It never feels good to go out,”

said Brunson, who shares the record with Hellmuth and Johnny Chan as a 10-time WSOP winner.

“But at some point, you’ve got to try to win some pots. If you don’t, you’re just wasting your time, so that’s what I did.”

Hellmuth had lost about one-tenth of his 10,000 chips before he ever saw a card, the result of his penchant for showing up fashionably late. Players not at the table still have to chip in their “blinds” to the kitty, the forced bets each player must make twice every 10-15 minutes or so in Texas Hold ‘Em.

Binger Doubles Up

Michael Binger just doubled-up at the expense of Allen Cunningham. Allen was in the small blind and raised all-in into Binger’s big blind. Binger called with A6 and they were off to the races, with Cunningham having pocket 2s. The flop was A-6-4, giving Binger top pair but opening up a few outs to Cunningham. Turn was a 5, giving him even more, but the K on river wasn’t one of them.

Binger doubles to 4.4 million and Cunningham remains with 11.8 million. Last time Binger doubled-up he donated the chips in the next hand…we’ll see if he can hang on to them a little longer this time.

Online Coverage: Yahoo Buzz, ABC News, and USA Today

Yahoo Buzz talks about the growth of Jamie Gold’s searchability leading up to today’s final table:

“Beginning on Sunday, he [Jamie Gold] rose from “who?” to spike 26% by Wednesday. An overwhelming 90% of his Search fans are male. Compared to him, the other remaining players are drawing dead. We’ll see if that continues to be the case when play resumes on Thursday.” (Yahoo Buzz)

ABC News gets a quote from Jamie Gold comparing his day job to the poker.

“‘I’m used to sitting at a table where everyone wants to kill you, for whatever reason,’ Gold says. ‘And usually it’s because they want to take advantage of people I’m representing. You know, the analogy is that I’m used to negotiating on other people’s behalf and trying to protect them. Now I’m basically just trying to protect my chips.'” (ABC News)

Ryan Nakashima writes a great lead for AP shown on USA Today:

“Luke Chung called it “murder row.” He should know, he was one of its victims.”

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