Post Flop And Future Streets and Cheri Casino



Here is where your best shot for reaping the reward takes place. Quite simply, you are hoping to flop two pair or better, and best yet, a flush or straight draw with your small suited connectors. If you don’t hit anything on the flop then it is easy to fold your hand, which is exactly what you should do in that case.


If you are holding two pair of better after the flop then you are looking to get as much money out of the pot as possible. If you are the first to act, before the player who originally raised then you should always bet in the hopes of getting reraised by a player with an overpair or top pair. Which then gives you the opportunity to reraise or go all in, depending on the size of the pot.


If the player before you raises, you reraise in order to get as large a pot as possible, since you are most likely the favorite at this point.


This is also where your courage will be tested. And in order to make a play with your small suited connectors, you will need courage and confidence. Some players just aren’t able to make a play when holding the small suited connectors. So if you are one of those players, then I’m sorry that I’ve wasted your time.


If you, after the flop, are holding a 7 high flush Cheri Casino or a set of 6’s with two 6’s on the board and you are afraid to continue betting, then don’t play the small suited connectors, because that is exactly the kind of flop you should be hoping for.


In this situation, you are hoping that the hidden strength of your Cheri Casino hand and the represented value of your opponents’ hand sway in your favor and ultimately give you the pot.


When you are on either a straight or flush draw, you are looking to make your hand as cheaply as possible, provided that you are getting the correct odds to call.


So, the next time you are dealt 5 and 6 of clubs, or any other small suited connectors, give it a try. And if you think you have the courage and confidence to play that hand, then just do it! You may be surprised at the outcome and come to like these small suited connectors just as much as I do.




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