Judi Slot Winner Donates Jackpot to Orphan


KINGDOM OF SWAZILAND — When Stacey M. hit an $89,063 jackpot at Piggs Peak Casino, she did all the normal things winners do: screamed, jumped up and down, called her mother, took pictures of the winning screen and went out to celebrate. She then decided to give every penny away.

“I sponsor a young man whose parents have both passed away,” Stacey explained. “The money will go into his college fund.”

Stacey, a homemaker and student working toward her real estate license, hit the jackpot on Cash Splash Progressive slot on September 4.

“I just couldn’t believe it had actually happened,” she said. “Then I called my mother, who goes gambling with me all the time, and we both just sat on the phone saying, ‘No way! This can’t be real!'”

What seems unreal to Piggs Peak Casino spokesperson Francois Vorster is Stacey’s generosity.

“I am blown away by Stacey’s thoughtfulness and compassion, Vorster said. “This young man has obviously had a difficult life and it must mean a lot that someone like Stacey has chosen to help him in such a big way.”

Stacey advises her fellow players to live each day to its fullest. “You never know what life is going to give you tomorrow,” she said.

Hey Max, What happened to Dennis Rodman’s casino? -Roger P.

Short Answer: It’s closed.

Details: Apparently “The Worm” decided he didn’t want to be involved in the Internet casino business after all and pulled his endorsement. Rodman joins the growing list of celebrities who have opened then closed Internet casinos. Others on the list include Rodney Dangerfield, Evel Knievel, and Kenny Rogers. (By the way, if you’re looking for a good Kenny Rogers tribute site check out MenWhoLookLikeKennyRogers.com.)

A few celebrity casinos remain in operation. Former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes is the face of Bet With The Champ and porn star Jenna Jameson promotes Jenna’s Casino.

Hey Max, Is it possible to cheat in online poker using friends on the telephone or multiple computers? -MT

Short Answer: I don’t advocate cheating.

Details: What you are describing is called “collusion” and is a violation of the Judi Slot house rules at ALL online poker halls. Online poker halls actively hunt for cheaters, catch them, and blacklist them. Read Planet Poker’s Collusion Policy to learn more.

I don’t believe in cheating. I’m a gambler, not a cheater. A good poker player doesn’t need to cheat to make money. Instead of wasting your time devising elaborate, unethical schemes that may or may not work, get a good poker book (such as “Hold’em Poker For Advanced Players”) and learn to play the game the way it was meant to be played.


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