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Transform your curly locks into the pin straight look you are trying to achieve. This how to is for women with medium curly hair but can be adjusted to fit your needs. We recommend you to check out this website– to learn about their “Botox near me West Hollywood” services.
Step 1:Shampoo system
Wash hair with shampoo. Once you are finished with the shampoo apply deep conditioner to hair and let sit for 3 minutes. Rinse.
Step 2: Squeeze out water or towel dry
Once you are out of the shower squeeze out excess water from your hair. Apply a quarter size amount of anti frizz serum to you hair. Comb through with the wide tooth comb to distribute evenly.
Step 3 : Make sure hair is dry
You have two options you can let your hair air dry or blow dry it if you are in a hurry.
Step 4: Heat protector and glosser
Once your hair is completely dry apply some type of heat protective serum to your hair.
Step 5: Clip up hair but leave the back section hanging down
Part your hair in sections starting from the back of the head. Clip up the remaining hair. With the section that is free take 1/2 inch wide sections of hair and slowly slide hair straightener down the hair to the ends.
Step 6: With the straightner
Once you have finished with all the sections tie off loosely. Then undo clip and make another part to section off hair. Repeat step 5 with straightener. Once you have finished with that section join hair with straightened hair to keep separate from unstraightened hair and repeat until you have finished your whole head.
Step 7
Let it out, wWhen you are finished shake your hair out or finger comb. Now you can head out of the door ready for the wind to blow through your straight hair.
• How to Straighten Wavy Hair
Having grown up with wavy hair in the 1980’s, it was nice to finally have a product on the market where I could really flatten or straighten my hair. In high school in the 1980’s, I remember…
Step1. To straighten your hair, I will assume your hair is blow dryed first. It would not be a good thing, I am sure, to straighten your wet hair.
Step 2
My Hair Straightener Plugged Into My Wall
Once it is established your hair is dry, plug in your hair
straighten and set it to whatever setting you prefer. Take out your hair brush and hair straightening product to spray on each section of hair you will straighten.
Step 3
Me, Spraying the Hair Straightening Product on a Section of My Hair
1. Now that your hair straightener is heated and ready for use, take sections of your hair, spray a hair straightening protection product on that section. This will be done taking each section, a small section, of your hair to flatten and look shiny and healthy at the same time.
Step 4 : Section of My Hair Inside Hair Straightener
With a section of your hair now ready for straightening, pick up your brush
1. seperate a small section to place inside your open hair straightener. From the top on your hair or crown, with the hair straighten now closed, slide the straightener all the way down to the ends of your hair.
Step 5
Final Look At My Flattened or Straightened Hair
Flattening you hair these days is so much easier than it was twenty plus years ago. It is a shame something like this was not around then. But now, we have more freedom to make our hair the way we want it to look with this awesome hair straightening product.

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