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Sweeping law changes that will control the growth of 먹튀사이트 검증 gambling venues and restrict internet gambling come into effect tomorrow.
It will harder to get gambling licences and easier to lose them, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs said in a statement today.
The NZ Gambling Act which was passed last year and comes into effect tomorrow, does not allow for any more casinos and stops the six existing ones expanding their operations.
♠ In other changes, the department must now refuse to grant gambling licences unless applicants show they are suitable.
♠ Currently, the department must show applicants are unsuitable or grant them a licence.
♠ From tomorrow, licences will also be refused unless applicants can show they will minimise the risks of problem gambling
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Gamblog comment :: About bloody time cobber – monitoring of those who receive gambling licenses should have been in place from year dot otherwise problem gambling is bound to rear it’s ugly head. Doh.
Denial Of Service Attacks are not a new phenomenon but it seems the big betting firms still have not worked out how to put a stop to it.
Netcraft have been studying the Euro 2004 Championships level of DOS attacks on online bookmakers and have recorded the information in a piece originally named Euro 2004 Gambling Sites Hit By Denial Of Service Attacks
♠ Apparently Capital Sports have been the worst hit with 88.98 failed requests, ie punters not being able to access the online bookie. Blue Square had a 64.91 attack percentage, Ladbrokes Bookmakers 15.78, William Hills 11.94, Total Bet 6.88 with various other bookies in the low percentages though still quite costly.
♠ Blue Square ignored a demand of $30k and took some hefty denial of service attacks for their troubles.
Gamblog comment :: Apparently the gambling piranha gangs make money from this stuff because they just keep on swimming and nipping little chunks from the bookies satchel.
Steve Jones, off on a months sabatical soon, (to be replaced by Mike Mendoza)is begging the question of whether Bullfighting Should Be Banned?
The proprietor of bull has an Allow Barcelona Bullfighting Petition going on the website. How well the pro bullfighting petition is going I have no idea.
Want bullfighting banned? Then sign the Ban Bullfighting Petition
Steve Jones argues that bullfighting is pretty much worse than Foxhunting because atleast the fox can run away and has some kind of chance of escape. Also the bulls are humiliated and broked down first – ie pretty much tortured and killed slowly. I think he has a strong point somwhere in there.
I reckon the Support Foxhunting Group have a little more than a petition going by the looks of their very well put together website.

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