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Creative writing is something that millions of people do around the world – both just for fun and as a career. Doing it for fun can be a very relaxing activity and a great way to mentally escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. In this guide we shall look at creative writing software and programs and how they can help you in your creative writing aspirations.

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Purpose of Creative Writing Software/Programs

Although it would be fantastic if there were creative writing software that would literally write a best-selling novel for us at the touch of a button – unfortunately this is not the case (although technology is always improving so you never know!). The main purpose of most creative writing programs is to help writers with the organization and layout of their creative writing piece. They can help you manage the plot and characters in your story as even when it’s your story it can get very confusing!

Creative writing programs can also help you ensure that your storyline flows well and that you don’t contradict yourself. They provide tools to help you intertwine subplots within your story and keep all the different themes organized so that you can come back them later.

The great thing about creative writing software is that you can input all of the individual aspects of your story into the program before you then bring them together to produce the final product. Many of the good programs out there will help spark your creativity by asking you questions about your characters, plot, conflicts and settings to help you really think through your story and organize all of your ideas and thoughts into one simple program.

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Who Should Use Creative Writing Software and Programs?

Creative writing software is ideal for anyone interested in creative writing – not just beginners. It is a fantastic tool for making creative writing a much easier process and ensures the quality of your work.

Many advanced creative writers around the world use creative writing software simply as an organizational tool to keep all their ideas in one place. More about Translation Services UK

Good creative writing software – no matter what standard you are – can take your writing to a new level.

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What to Look for in Creative Writing Software

Essentially you should look for creative writing software that suits your requirements and needs. Perhaps you have some grey areas in your creative writing abilities that you need assistance with – so you should look for programs that help address these.

However there are several features you should always look for when purchasing creative writing software. The first of these is ease of use. There’s no point having a feature-packed creative writing program if you don’t know how to use it! Navigation should be simple and it should be user-friendly so you don’t spend days just trying to work out how to start it up! Before purchasing have a look at some screen shots and work out if it looks easy to use. Many programs will even offer you a free trial.

Secondly you should read through what features the program offers you. A basic creative writing program should always include (at a minimum) a word processor, templates for structure, brainstorming tools as well as character and plot development tools.

The final thing you should ensure that your creative writing has is sufficient customer service and help options. Is there someone you can contact if you are confused or something is not working? Is there a list of FAQ’s? Not only should there be customer service that is helpful but they should respond quickly to your requests.

Before purchasing your creative writing software you should always read reviews and get customer feedback. This is the best way to find out if the software will be worth the money. Never just rely on descriptions written by the software company – as these can be very misleading and they’re never going to point out the bad parts of their programs. The internet is the best way to research creative writing software and there are hundreds of websites that offer unbiased reviews



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